About ZapQuery

The easiest way to run SQL queries on Airtable

Why ZapQuery? We are running Airtable for our business operations and were having issues doing reporting on our Airtable base. We were frustrated that we couldn't get the data without creating complicated integrations and duplicating effort.

So we created ZapQuery to allow us to run SQL, a very robust and established query language, directly on our Airtable bases and automatically push the data into HTML reports that go directly to our email boxes through Zapier on a schedule. Now we are able to take advantage of all the nifty features of Airtable, like building databases quickly, while also getting the benefit of SQL's data searching and reporting capability.

We quickly recognized the power of integrating ZapQuery with Airtable and Zapier. So we decided to put ZapQuery here for anyone to use to run SQL on Airtable.